(a nod to this example of true artistry)

One of the best gifts my parents gave me was the foundations of how to cook. When my daughter was born, I started collecting recipes in a leather-bound book that I had kicking around so that I can give the book to her when she is ready to move out and start adulting. Then my son was born and I realized that if I want to give him a family cookbook too then I've got a lot of writing to do, and if I want to keep a third for myself then I'm going to get carpal tunnel, so I thought I'd slowly digitize all my recipes (makes em easier to share too!).

I don't claim to be a Michelin-quality chef but I fancy myself a pretty good cook. I collect recipes that I like; some of my own creation and others I've scavenged from around the internet and subsequently refined and modified. My philosophy in the kitchen goes something like this:

If that sounds like your cup of tea, here is a non-exhaustive list of jumping-off points:

Also here's an alphabetical listing of all the articles within PRO AT COOKING.